Non-governmental organisations

​We follow the activities of non-governmental organisations and engage in a dialogue with them. In addition, we carry out most of our sponsorships in collaboration with organisations.

We engage in collaboration with environmental organisations regarding the eco-labelling of electricity products in Finland and Sweden. We also participate in projects related to local environmental protection or maintaining biodiversity. Part of the funding for the environmental projects comes from the sales of eco-labelled electricity.

Since 2006 Fortum has been a supporter of the John Nurminen Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea project, which is mitigating eutrophication of the Baltic Sea and offering maritime solutions in an effort to prevent oil spills in the Gulf of Finland.

We participate in the Bettercoal initiative promoting sustainability in coal mining.

In Estonia Fortum has been a long-term partner to Estonian Heat and Power Association (EPHA) and Estonian Renewable Energy Association (EREA). Both NGOs have been played active role in 2015 to change Estonian energy sector.

Since 2013, Fortum has been a member of FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network in Finland. We are a strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum (RBF) in Poland. Both FIBS and RBF promote responsible business that considers the impacts on the economy, society and environment.