Our stakeholders

Our way of operating responsibly includes continuously identifying the views of our stakeholders and finding a balance between the different expectations our stakeholders have. Dialogue, feedback and good collaboration are the key ways to promote a mutual understanding with our stakeholders.

​Stakeholders ​Stakeholders' expectations Fortum's actions​
​Lenders and shareholders
  • ​Long-term value creation
  • High-yield share
  • Responsible operations


  • We updated our growth strategy in 2016 and its realisation is ongoing​
  • We are committed to achieving our financial targets
  • Our goal is to pay a stable, sustainable and over time increasing dividend of 50-80% of earnings per share excluding one-off items
  • We take economic, social and environmental responsibility into consideration in our business
  • Competitively priced products
  • Useful additional services and advice
  • Reliability
  • ​With efficient operations and high-quality products, we ensure that we are competitive and our customers feel they get their money’s worth
  • We develop new products and services in collaboration with customers so that we can serve them better in the evolving markets: In 2016 ‘Customer in the centre’ programme
  • We deliver what we promise to our customers, and we offer constantly better customer service through different channels
  • ​Equal treatment and open interaction
  • Job security and incentivising compensation
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Occupational safety and work wellbeing
  • ​We operate in line with Fortum’s Code of Conduct and values
  • Our employee compensation is based on standardised principles: We renewed our compensation scheme in 2016
  • We promote job rotation, career development and supervisory skills
  • We improve occupational safety and work wellbeing: In 2016 we launched the Energise Your Day work wellbeing programme
​Service and goods suppliers
  • Good financial position and the ability to take care of the agreed obligations
  • Fair and equal treatment of suppliers
  • Long-term business relations and development
    of business and products/servicesResponsible operations
  • We comply with Fortum’s Code of Conduct, and with agreements, legislation and practices that are consistent with good procurement principles
  • We renewed the supplier pre-selection process in 2016
  • We manage supplier relationships in a systematic manner
  • We train contractors in work safety
​Authorities and decision makers
  • ​Compliance
  • Integration of sustainability with strategy and business, risk
  • Transparency and reliable reporting
  • Maintaining dialogue
  • ​We comply with laws, regulations and permits
  • We develop our business and the management of environmental and safety risks: Sustainability policy and EHS instructions were renewed in 2016
  • We report ESG factors as part of the company’s value creation, and we publish our tax footprint: Fortum’s 2015 Annual Report was awarded as the winner in the Taxpaying category and as the best in sustainability reporting in Finland according to investors
  • We communicate openly and we actively engage in a dialogue with authorities and decision makers about key issues in the energy sector: In 2016, we actively participated in the renewal work of EU’s emissions trading directive both at the EU level and nationally
  • ​Relevant, reliable and transparent communication
  • ​In line with our Disclosure policy, we communicate proactively and openly
  • We communicate about issues of topical and media interest through multiple channels
  • We meet regularly with media representatives
  • We are easily accessible through the media desk and through social media
  • We continuously improve our crisis communication preparedness
​Energy sector organisations
  • ​Advocating on behalf of shared interests
  • Dialogue and expertise
  • ​We advocate our shareholders’ and the sector’s shared interests and actively participate in organisational activities in our sector: In 2016 a favourable solution for the energy sector was achieved in Sweden in nuclear and hydropower taxation
  • We publish position papers and views on energy-sector development, and we actively communicate them through multiple channels: In 2016, we published two Fortum Energy Reviews
​Non-governmental organisations
  • ​Responsibility of operations and risk management
  • Promoting renewable energy production
  • Reliable and open reporting
  • ​We develop environmental and safety risk management
  • We invest in renewable energy: In 2016, a total of EUR 223 million
  • We collaborate with Finnish and Swedish nature conservation associations regarding our environmentally benign electricity products
  • We communicate actively and we report openly
​Local communities
  • ​Operational safety
  • Developing employment, infrastructure and recreational use
  • Reducing emissions, noise and other inconveniences
  • ​We invest in infrastructure and operational safety
  • We collaborate with local communities in all our operating countries: Examples of our activities in Sustainability report 2016, Corporate citizenship
  • We aim to reduce emissions and local environmental impacts



Read more about our actions in 2016 in our Sustainability report 2016.