Fortum had 7,835 employees at the end of 2015.

Dialogue with personnel

The Fortum Sound personnel survey conducted every other year is part of the dialogue with personnel. The response rate to the survey conducted in October 2014 climbed to 84% (2012: 79%). The results indicate that 70% of the employees feel a commitment to the company (2012: 65%).

Based on the survey results, the personnel feel that the customer-oriented way of thinking of Fortum employees as well as sustainability as an integral part of Fortum’s operations are at a good level. Overall wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance are also considered to be at a good level. Working in compliance with the Fortum Code of Conduct and occupational safety guidelines is part of the Fortum employees’ daily work.

The most important development targets emerging from the survey were clarification of the strategy, transparency and more effective communication of change. In response to this need, the Fortum Dialogue events between management and employees were started. They are held twice a year. 

Additionally, a project to develop change management capacity was launched. During phase one of the project, support materials for management were created, and HR and communications organisations were trained to support management in change situations.
In a survey conducted when Pekka Lundmark started as President and CEO of Fortum in September 2015, more than 3,200 Fortum employees noted their observations and development suggestions on ways to boost operational efficiency and build future success.
We measure employee engagement also as part of the annual One Fortum stakeholder survey. A total of 1,400 employees participating in the 2015 survey rated Fortum a 76 (2013: 73) on a scale of 0-100 in the index measuring Fortum’s reputation.

Operational safety, delivery reliability of power and heat, and sustainability of operations were emphasised by the 1,422 employees who responded to the sustainability survey conducted in conjunction with the One Fortum survey.

Cooperation between personnel and Fortum’s management is based on local legislation and Fortum’s Code of Conduct. The Fortum European Council (FEC) convenes once a year. FEC is an European level co-operational function where personnel and employer representatives meet to discuss matters related to Fortum.

Personnel development

Fortum encourages its employees to continuously develop their knowledge, skills and competencies. To support this, we have focused on developing leadership and organisational culture through a coaching approach. The coaching approach increases participative management, which empowers and encourages employee accountability in their work. One of the key elements in the coaching approach is the giving and receiving of feedback.

The supervisory training programmes to develop leadership and organisational culture are an important element in personnel development. A total of 116 supervisors took part in the three programmes under way in 2015.

All our new employees go through an induction programme; the Fortum Passport online on-boarding programme is one part of that.
Personnel development is supported through annual performance and development discussions. All Fortum employees are within the sphere of these discussions. The main goal of the performance and development discussion is to ensure that the employee has clear goals aligned with the business as well as the competencies supporting the achievement of the goals and professional growth.

Aiming to be an attractive employer

We aim to be an attractive employer. Factors improving attractiveness are good reputation, good leadership, interesting career opportunities and the possibility to do meaningful work. We also strive to create attractive career and advancement opportunities that enable continuous professional growth for individuals.

In the 2016 annual employer image survey conducted by Universum, which specialises in employer branding research, technology sector students in Finland ranked Fortum as the fifteenth most attractive employer. In the Universum survey in Sweden, Fortum’s ranking was 66.

In 2015 we offered 226 summer jobs in Finland and Sweden. The recruiting campaign for summer workers, Summer Energy, was of interest to many young job-seekers; we received a total of 10,105 applications for the summer positions.