Stakeholder collaboration

Collaboration with different stakeholder groups helps Fortum to assess and meet the expectations that stakeholder groups have towards the company. We engage in an active dialogue with the different stakeholders associated with our operations. We conduct annual stakeholder surveys. We monitor and assess the public dialogue in the countries where we operate, and we have increased the dialogue with our stakeholders also through social media channels. Feedback from customers drives the development of our products and services. Additionally, our activities in national and international organisations help to deepen our understanding of global sustainability issues and their connections to our business.

Management of stakeholder collaboration at Fortum is assigned particularly to communications, corporate relations, human resources, the sustainability unit, the functions responsible for electricity and heat sales and energy production, as well as many of our experts. Responsibilities for managing stakeholder collaboration are primarily determined by stakeholder group or interaction theme. Key interaction areas, e.g. public affairs, and corporate communications, have annual plans that guide the activities. 

Fortum has an informal Advisory Council consisting of representatives of Fortum’s stakeholder groups as invited by the Board of Directors. The Advisory Council aims to increase the dialogue and the exchange of views between the company and its stakeholders.

Information through surveys

In collaboration with third parties, we annually conduct surveys regarding stakeholder collaboration. The aim of these surveys is to help Fortum assess and respond to the important stakeholder groups’ expectations of the company. The surveys also measure the success of our stakeholder collaboration. Additionally, the surveys provide information about emerging sustainability trends and risks we should acknowledge. We use the survey results in business planning and development and in identifying material aspects in corporate responsibility.

Read about survey results in our Sustainability Report 2016 in the sections Customer satisfaction and reputation and Key sustainability topics.

Our stakeholder surveys

​Survey Target groups​ Target countries​ ​Frequency
​One Fortum Survey

General public
Public administration
Capital markets​
Opinion leaders

​Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Baltic countries, Russia, India

Customer satisfaction is measured semi-annually 

Reputation is measured annually​

Media tracking Media All operating countries Daily
​Brand tracking ​General public and customers Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Baltic countries ​Continuously in Finland and Sweden, annually in other countries
Fortum Sound personnel survey Own personnel​ All operating countries Every second year