Suppliers of goods and services

​Fortum is a significant purchaser of goods and services. Fortum’s purchasing volume in 2015 was EUR 2.2 billion. Fuel purchases, investments, and electricity purchased by the Electricity Sales business area from the Nordic wholesale electricity market for retail sales account for the majority of Fortum’s purchases.

We treat suppliers equally and we strive for long-term business relations. We want to be involved in the development of our partners’ business and goods and services.

We actively strive to reduce the environmental impacts related to our supply chain and to improve economic and social wellbeing. We also manage risks related to our supply chain.

Supply chain collaboration is guided by Fortum’s Code of Conduct and the Supplier Code of Conduct. We perform a pre-selection for suppliers prior to the start of collaboration and we audit suppliers to ensure that the sustainability principles are realised in our production chain.