Fortum requires primarily electronic invoices (“e-Invoices”) from its suppliers.

An electronic invoice needs to have the same contents as a paper invoice. It consists of invoice data fields in XML file and invoice image e.g. in PDF file. An e-Invoice can be received directly to Fortum’s purchase invoice handling system in electronic format which ensures cost efficient invoice handling process and accurate and timely payments for suppliers. Fortum requires the readiness to send e-Invoices when choosing the suppliers.
If you have any questions, please contact Fortum Financial Services by email or by phone:
  • Finland 010 45 593 00
  • Norway +46 8 671 80 00
  • Sweden 08 671 80 00
  • Denmark +46 8 671 80 00
  • Latvia +371 6785 2139
  • Lithuania +370 5205 1139
  • Estonia +372 6 827 528
How to start sending e-Invoices?

Please read the quick guide for sending e-Invoices to Fortum:
Quick information about e-Invoices to Fortum.pdf

Detailed instructions and mandatory data fields are instructed here:
Fortum e-Invoice instruction.pdf
e-Invoicing requirements.pdf

Invoicing addresses for Fortum companies are listed below: