Electricity storage

​Batteries are one solution to maintaining the power balance in the electricity system

Electricity storage is part of the future energy system, the so-called solar economy. The intermediate storage of electricity enables a better balancing of electricity supply and demand, and the storage can also function as an electricity network stabiliser in malfunction situations. Other advantages of electricity storage include its ability to be instantly deployed and its easy adjustability. Moreover, electricity storage reduces the need for fossil fuel-fired peak load plants.

Electricity storage project expands the virtual power plant pilot

We have launched a project in which we are studying whether the batteries used to store electricity would be suitable for maintaining the power balance in the electricity system. For this, we have acquired the biggest electricity storage in the Nordic countries: a lithium-ion battery with a nominal output of 2 megawatts and energy capacity of 1 megawatt-hour. The battery will be installed at Suomenoja, and it is estimated that test use will begin in October 2016.

In our electricity storage project, we are also researching completely new application possibilities and flexible intermediate storage of electricity enabled by large-scale electricity storage. Additionally, we are researching the battery’s optimal use together with traditional electricity production and a demand flexibility-based virtual power plant.

The battery project is a continuation of the pilot we started in which we are building a demand flexibility-based virtual power plant together with our customers.

Electricity network needs more regulating power

Growth in solar and wind power production increases the need for regulating power to balance the electricity system as well as new storage solutions. There is plenty of production in sunny and windy weather, but low demand, so it makes sense to store the electricity. We believe that electricity storage will enable the creation of new business models for electricity companies and customers.