Solar panels

Research and development for a cleaner world

Fortum is on the move for a cleaner world. We want to drive the transformation towards a low-emissions energy system and optimal resource efficiency. Our mission is to engage our customers and society to drive the change towards a cleaner world. Our role is to accelerate this change by reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency and providing smart solutions. This way we deliver excellent shareholder value.

The purpose of our research and development (R&D) is to improve Fortum’s competitiveness and to create a basis for new profitable business. Within R&D we have a long-term aspiration in line with our core purpose, and that is to enable a sustainable CO2-free future for Fortum,  for the communities we operate in, and for coming generations. Each new development activity is assessed against the criteria of emission reduction and resource-efficiency. The ultimate goal of our R&D programme is to serve our customers through more efficient energy production, more comfortable and better products, and a better environment.

We have defined this through three focus areas for R&D

  • performance excellence of current operations
  • enabling growth
  • contributing to an emissions-free energy system in the long-term