Packaged demand response solutions for global use

A variety of loads are needed to concretely make room for renewable energy. Thus pilot sign up for B2B partners such as data centers, electric vehicles and other reserve battery and reserve power owners is now open to any market.

We offer an easy and reliable packaged solution with bidding, installations and transparent profit sharing for demand response and smart grids. With our solution, you can focus on your core business, make your unused assets generate revenue and make e.g. you data center more green.

In Finland, households are already part of demand response program since Spring 2016. Sweden and possibly the Netherlands are to follow soon. In Finland and Sweden the pilot has been made together with the Fortum electricity clients and their local transmission system operators. Now that the technical and financial proof-of-concept is coming to an end, we are ready to scale up together with other reserve batteries and reserve power sources in different markets.

Demand response program (DRP)

We have already started to take concrete steps to enable all electricity production to be renewable. As the share of intermittent electricity production, such as wind and solar power, grows in the electricity system, new solutions are needed to maintain the power balance. Yet we are of the opinion that the business cannot stop or the comfort of a private electricity client cannot be endangered even once the sun does not shine or it is too windy for the wind turbines, or the wind dies.

Our solution is a virtual power plant. In the virtual power plant, both business and private clients let their unused assets such as data center or base station reserve power to be used to balance the grids while they are not needed for business use. Same way, in Finland and Sweden, private clients let their water boilers to be used to momentarily lower the output of hot water tanks during peak electricity consumption periods. In Sweden, also home batteries are soon to be used for automated demand response program.

Smart grids operated by virtual power

The virtual power plant creates a reserve that can be sold to a local transmission system operator  (e.g. in Finland the grid company is called Fingrid) during peak electricity demand when additional output is needed to ensure electricity system functionality. Turning off the hot water tank temporarily does not have any impact on the use of hot water in the participating households. Same way, we ensure to the data centers and base stations that their reserve power is at their own use during those rare events when they need to use it themselves.

In the first virtual power plant pilot that started in Finland in the Spring 2016, with as small as 100 electrically heated households and their water boilers we have been able to reduce the demand on the electricity network’s output by about 100 kilowatts. With the Swedish pilot and Finnish big launch these direct response reserves are growing exponentially.

Demand adapts to renewable supply

As the share of intermittent electricity production grows, an increasing amount of different size power reserves are needed. Thus, we are interested in adding also any bigger potential partners to out virtual power plants in and out of the Nordics. None of us can do this alone. E.g. eligible data centers could vary from about a hundred kilowatts to multiple megawatts, and unlike the water boilers, the uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) could be used to also feed power to the smart grids.

So, when all power is generated by renewable energy sources, we will need to make the electricity demand adapt to the wind and solar power supply. But to not let it interfere with our business and private life comfort, we will have to use all the batteries and other energy sources to store energy when there is excess power generation and take it from the reserves when there is a shortage of the power in the grid.

This way the very expensive and often very polluting power plant reserves such as coal power plants do not need to be started to meet the momentary peak demand. So, by shifting the consumption according to supply and by not starting polluting reserve power plants, we proactively make the world more sustainable and green. And we bring you an additional revenue stream.

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If the form does not work for some reason, you can also let us know about your interest to pilot with your power reserves or ask for more information by contacting our Business Development Manager Ilari Alaperä ilari.alapera(a) or +358 40 688 5559