Strategy realisation

​Towards the clean energy strategy

Fortum's renewed strategy was published in February 2016, in connection with the financial statements for 2015. Already in 2015 the company made major strides to strengthen its businesses and enhance its competencies for the new direction. 

​Drive productivity and industry transformation ​Grow in solar and wind
  • Divestment of Fortum's electricity distribution business concluded with the selling of the Swedish operations for approx. EUR 6.6 billion
  • Chelyabinsk GRES unit 1 (CHP) in Russia commissioned
  • Utilising digitalisation to improve productivity: visualisation concept in CHP plants' control rooms, 3D modelling in Finland 
  • Commercialisation of nuclear expertise: Re-order for more ion exchange materials for purification of radioactive liquids in Fukushima, Japan
  • Fortum's first greenfield solar project (10 MW) in India commissioned
  • Decision to start Russia's first wind-farm project (35 MW) in Ulyanovsk
  • Decision to participate in the 4th phase of the Blaiken wind farm in Sweden
​Create solutions for sustainable cities ​Build new energy ventures
  • ​More efficient heat and power supply, use of local fuels
    • A new multifuel CHP plant in Poland to serve the cities of Zabrze and Bytom
    • Joint venture with Lietuvos Energija to build a waste-to-energy plant in Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Expert services to reduce emissions
    • Refurbishment of Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö AB's biofuel-fired boiler unit in Sweden to reduce emissions and improve plant efficiency
    • Combustion technology for EDF Polska to reduce nitrogen emissions at its power plant in Poland
  • New solutions for cities, municipalities and consumers
    • New district heating solutions in Espoo, Finland: waste heat from landfill biogas and sludge water, a new heat storage for enhanced availability
    • Royal Seaport smart energy project in Stockholm receives award for the best sustainable urban development project. Fortum Värme is one of the partners.
    • Fortum Charge & Drive charging solution for e-vehicles wins new markets in the Nordic countries; Fortum supplies charging solution for e-busses in Espoo, Finland
    • Two hospitals in Finland to utilise Fortum's open district heating to sell their excess heat
    • Several pilots in demand-response in district heating
  • ​Sotenäs wave energy plant connected to the Swedish national grid. Cooperation with Seabased AB
  • EUR 17 million EU grant for wave power research project coordinated by Fortum in cooperation with Wello, Mojo Maritime, Wave Hub, Green Marine (UK) and Uppsala, Plymouth and Exeter universities
  • Pilot with St1 to build Finland's first industry-scale geothermal heating plant
  • R&D cooperation agreement with Skolkovo Foundation in Russia to establish an R&D centre for advanced energy technologies
  • Pilot exports of Fortum's Otso bio-oil to Sweden
  • Fortum HorsePower service to collect bedded horse manure from stables to be incinerated at a power plant
  • Cooperation with Leanheat to utilise big data and artificial intelligence in residential heating
  • Fortum's Innovation Challenge competition for university students in Finland and Sweden attracts 60 fresh ideas