Joensuu CHP plant

Combined heat and power (CHP)

Global natural resource scarcity means that energy production efficiency and efficient use of energy are increasingly important. Combined heat and power (CHP) production addresses both of those issues: over 90% of the fuel's primary energy is used to produce district heating and electricity. Compared to separate production, co-generation also reduces environmental emissions by 25-40%.

Most of our CHP plants are located in urban areas where there is a significant demand for district heating. Most of the plants have been equipped with an additional condenser that enables increased electricity production in the summer when heat production is at a much lower level. In 2015, our own CHP plants accounted for 89% of our heat production and 25% of electricity generation.

The efficiency and operational economy of CHP plants allows for flexible use of various energy sources. Fortum's CHP plants use a variety of fuels, such as biomass and waste as well as traditional fossil fuels. Read more about the fuels we use.