Fortum starts commercial operation of Chelyabinsk GRES power plant's unit 1 in Russia - Chelyabinsk GRES 2 further delayed

​Fortum has commissioned unit 1 of its Chelyabinsk GRES combined heat and power plant in Russia. The unit's certified capacity is 247.5 megawatts (MW) electricity and the evaluated heat capacity 174.45 MW. Fortum starts to receive capacity payments for Chelyabinsk 1 under the Russian government's Capacity  Supply Agreements (CSA) as of 1 December 2015. The unit 2 of Chelyabinsk GRES  is estimated to start commercial operation in early 2016. The slight  postponement is due to delays in construction. Upon completion, the combined capacity of the Chelyabinsk GRES units 1 and 2 will be 495 MW electricity.


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