Stockholm at night

Condensing power

Condensing power works as peak load power in the Nordic countries and as reserve capacity for other power generation

Condensing power is used in the Nordic electricity market to even out the fluctuation in demand caused by poor reservoir water years or by other reasons. Therefore, Fortum’s annual condensing power generation also fluctuates considerably depending on the market situation.

In the Nordic countries Fortum generates condensing power in the Meri-Pori coal power plant in Finland. Fortum also has a gas-fired thermal power plant in Nyagan, Russia.

What is condensing power?

A condensing power plant generates electric energy using mostly coal, natural gas or oil as the fuel source. As in a heat plant, water is heated and turned into steam to rotate a turbine, which in turn rotates the generator. Unlike in combined power and heat production, heat energy left over after the turbine is not exploited in condensing plants. Instead, it is condensed with cooling water.