Fortum is engaged in an environmental project in Värmland - the demolition of the dam in lake Acksjön

Fortum, Klarälven's Water Council and Värmland's County Administrative Board have together produced a statement for an action plan to improve biotopes in lake Acksjön and the river Acksjöälven.

​One of the planned measures is the demolition of the dam in lake Acksjön. A follow-up programme is being planned in conjunction with these measures to ascertain their impacts on the local ecosystems.

The Acksjö dam is located at the outlet of lake Acksjön into the river Acksjöälven in the municipal district of Hagfors. The dam is owned by Fortum and is a regulatory dam for hydroelectric power production in the river Klarälven. The project involves a purely environmentally-beneficial measure, aimed at achieving a good ecological status in the local system. Fortum's part of the project will cost about SEK 1.2 million, of which about SEK 600,000 will come from Fortum's Environmental Fund.

The project also includes other habitat enhancement activities for which Värmland's County Administrative Board assumes responsibility. The river Acksjöälven is a tributary to the river Klarälven and has been greatly affected by human activity. The largest intervention dates back to timber-rafting days when the river was cleared to allow timber to be more easily transported downstream. The County Administrative Board will therefore set right the damage caused by timber-rafting by carrying out habitat enhancement activities, such as putting new spawning gravel and placing large stones in the river.

It is hoped that, when the project has been completed, the area will have been brought back to a good ecological status and that the habitats of most species will have improved. The project will include a follow-up programme to identify the changes that take place in the ecosystem as a result of the measures. The follow-up programme will start in 2015 with an assessment of the current situation.

The project is a broad collaborative effort undertaken by the Water Council. In addition to Fortum and Värmland's County Administrative Board, other participants are landowners and volunteers, including the snowmobile club, angling stakeholders and Bergsäng's village council. These parties will be cooperating closely to implement the measures. The next step in the process is to hold a series of consultative meetings, after which a permit application will be submitted in the spring.