Modernisation of spillway gates improves dam safety at Krokströmmen hydroelectric power station

The next stage of Fortum's work on upgrading Krokströmmen hydroelectric power station on the river Ljusnan in the municipal district of Härjedalen will be completed.

​ The power plant was built in 1952 and the renovation work will improve the safety of the dam and modernise the facilities. A total of SEK 17 million has been invested in this phase.

"The level of safety at our hydroelectric dams is high, but we need to invest in improvement measures like these to ensure that we can maintain a high level of safety in the face of the higher river flows that are expected in the future," says Robert Bronegård, who is Fortum's manager for the project.

Fortum has upgraded and modified the spillway gates in response to the higher river flows that are expected as a result of climate change. The new motors that have been installed ensure that the gates can be opened even when water levels are very high. Restoration work was also carried out on the gates to prevent leakage.

"Hydroelectricity has played a crucial part in making Sweden a role model in renewable energy production, and will continue to be crucial in the new renewable energy system that is now emerging. The modernisation work that we are now carrying out on the hydroelectric plants to ensure that they are able to cope with the higher water levels that are expected as a result of climate change simply underscores society's need for them to continue producing renewable electricity for many years to come," says Robert Bronegård.

Work on the spillway has been carried out by Gullängets Mekaniska in Örnsköldsvik, and the new intake facility has been built by ByggBengt from Söderhamn. Björnbergs Industri AB carried out the piping work. The investment cost for the project has been SEK 17 million.



Modernisation of Krokströmmen hydroelectric power station

A project carried out the previous year involved the installation of a boom at the intake to divert debris that is floating in the river. The iron intake gates were also replaced with stainless steel gates. In addition, the entire intake facility was renovated and modernised and a heat recovery system was installed. Not only has this extended the life of the power plant, it has also improved the workplace environment for the employees. It also means that Krokströmmen will continue to provide Fortum's customers with renewable electricity for a long time in the future.