Fortum’s Montta migratory fish farm the most modern in Finland

Fish farming plays a significant role in maintaining fish populations in rivers harnessed for hydropower.

​Fortum has invested EUR 3 million in the ongoing refurbishment of the 60-year-old Montta fish farm. The fish farm’s topping out party was held in December 2015 ; upon completion, it will be Finland’s most modern fish farm, where, among other things, the release of the fish has been given special focus in the project.

 ”The farming conditions are the most important factor impacting the wellbeing and health of the fish. When completed in spring 2016, the Montta fish farm will be the most modern in Finland. The working conditions for the employees will also improve, as the fish pools will be moved from outdoors to indoor areas,” says Managing Director Jyrki Oikarinen from Montan Lohi Oy.

The new fish farming building will bring an end to the growing and feeding of fish in the big outdoor pools and will reduce the fish farm’s load on the water system. The outdoor pools will be used as release pools for bigger fish, allowing for more flexibility in the timing of the fish release based on e.g. the temperature of the river water. The treatment of sludge water at the fish farm will end; instead, the sludge water will be piped to a wastewater treatment plant. Also the needs for enriched rearing have been taken into consideration in the construction of the new fish farming facility.