Fortum renovated the dam gates at Svarthålsforsen's power station

Fortum's work on the dam gates at Svarthålsforsen's hydroelectric power station on the river Indalsälven in the municipal district of Ragunda will be completed in 2015.

​The power plant was built in 1950-1954 and the renovation work has ensured an improved level of safety for the dam. A total of SEK 22.5 million has been invested in the project.

Fortum has installed separate hydraulic control systems for each of the three dam gates as part of the safety improvement project at Svarthålsforsen. These replace one hydraulic system that previously controlled all the gates. This has improved safety because it ensures optimal operation of the gates, which is particularly important as Svarthålsforsen is a run-of-the-river hydroelectric power station, which means it has no reservoir for storage during high water levels. Refurbishment work carried out on the gates at the same time included sandblasting, painting, upgrading and repair of minor leaks.

"We have a high level of safety at our hydroelectric dams and we're further enhancing it with these improvement measures. By investing in the modernisation and refurbishment of hydroelectric power stations, we are ensuring that they can continue to produce renewable electricity for many years to come. Hydroelectricity has played a crucial part in making Sweden a role model in renewable energy production, and will continue to be crucial in the new renewable energy system that is now emerging," says Robert Bronegård, who is Fortum's manager for the project.

Fortum has also decided to carry out further modernisation work on the Svarthålsforsen power station. The project involves replacement of two of the three turbines in the power plant and, at the same time, installation of new generators. This project will extend the life of the power plant. It also means that Svarthålsforsen will continue to provide Fortum's customers with renewable electricity for a long time in the future.

The investment cost for the project has been about SEK 22.5 million.