Annual outages

​Loviisa nuclear power plant's annual maintenance outages have been scheduled to coincide with the inspection programme for the big pressure vessels. Annual outages also include a follow-up inspection assessing the functionality of procedures and the execution of work related to the annual outages. Based on the observations made by the follow-up inspection team, practices are improved and developed in the required areas.

Four-year outage cycle

An extensive inspection outage is performed at Loviisa nuclear power plant every four years; the work phases of the reactor determine the length and critical path of the inspection outage. Every four years, the fuel elements and core structures are removed from the reactor for inspection of the reactor pressure vessel. The reactor's core structures, support basket and housing/pile are inspected in this conjunction. In the reactor assembly phase, one third of the fuel is replaced with new.

Short annual outage

During a short annual outage e.g. the steam generator and condenser pipes and the sea water pipes are inspected.

In short outages, working close to highly radioactive targets is avoided, and thus little or no radiation protection is needed.