Fortum’s Loviisa NPP Shuts Down Unit 2 for Control Rod Repair

Fortum's Unit 2 of the Loviisa NPP is being shut down during Tuesday 15th of October due to an operational disturbance in a control rod. The disturbance was detected on the 14th of October in a normal testing during operation.

Two control rods in Unit 2 have been under special surveillance because of a malfunctions during final testing after the annual outage. In extra testings in September, both control rods functioned normally, but on Monday 14th of October one of them rod malfunctioned again. Unit 2 will be shut down during for repair and further investigation.

During repairs, Loviisa 1 will be in normal production.

For further information, please contact:

Timo Eurasto, Manager, Operation unit, tel. 010 455 4010