Fortum’s statement to the European Commission communication on the nuclear stress tests

​The European Commission published its final report (Communication) on the nuclear stress tests on 4 October 2012. The Communication includes technical recommendations for European nuclear power plants to improve safety. Further the Communication suggests a schedule for improvement actions (mainly to be implemented by 2015), evaluation of Off-Site Emergency Preparedness arrangements (to be implemented by end of 2013), and implementation of binding legislation in the area of nuclear insurance and liability, including compensation for damage to the natural environment.

During the safety assessments, it was concluded that the design basis for Loviisa nuclear power plant is proper in terms of external events. Additionally, Fortum has improved the safety of the Loviisa nuclear power plant with comprehensive measures for several decades. These measures include Severe Accident Management strategy and measures, among other things.

The implementation of the measures suggested in the European commission stress test report for Loviisa nuclear power plant can be done within the framework of the annual investment programmes and they will not affect the power plant's availability.

Fortum’s co-owned nuclear companies in Sweden, OKG AB in Oskarshamn and FKA in Forsmark, have submitted plans in Sweden to improve safety by September 15th as was requested by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM. The Swedish Authority expects to be able to finalize the national plan by the end of year 2012. This plan will outline how SSM and Swedish nuclear licences will follow up on the stress tests required by the European Council after the Fukushima accident. 

Fortum sees that the harmonisation of safety requirements for nuclear power plants is necessary. It is important that national authorities have supervisory responsibility in nuclear power plants. Nuclear liability should be implemented in the frame of the Paris convention and harmonised at European level.    


Additional information:

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