Increased Traffic in the Vicinity of Loviisa Power Plant due to Loviisa 13 Emergency Preparedness Exercise

​The Loviisa 13 Loviisa Power Plant emergency preparedness exercise will be arranged on Thursday, March 14th 2013. According to the national legislation the exercise has to be organized every three years. The exercise is led by Western Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services.


The purpose of the exercise is to test Loviisa Power Plant’s emergency plans and practice cooperation between relevant authorities, organizations and the power plant in case of a radiation hazard. An international aspect is also linked to the exercise, focusing on communicating the situation and cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic radiation and nuclear safety authorities, foreign ministries and embassies.


The exercise will increase traffic in the vicinity of the Loviisa Power Plant. Several organisations are training at the power plant including the plant's own fire brigade, Eastern-Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso Rescue Service Departments, Medical care area of the Porvoo emergency care unit, the Finnish Border Guard and the Defence Forces. A helicopter will also patrol in/enter the airspace.


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