Safety first priority at Oskarshamn nuclear power plant

​The Swedish Nuclear Safety Authority, SSM, decided on December 6th that Oskarshamn nuclear power (OKG) plant unit two (O2) needs to be shut down for maintenance and inspection of emergency diesel generators, in order to fully secure the reliable operation in case of emergency. The inspection work duration is under evaluation.

A large safety modernization project at O2 is scheduled to start in June 2013. The program includes safety improvements where safety systems are made more robust, including e.g. four new emergency diesel generators. The project was originally planned to be ready by end of 2012, but has been delayed. SSM has given an exemption from this, so that the O2 can be in operation to June 2013, when the implementation phase will start, providing that the emergency diesel generators are operational.

Fortum is a minority owner of OKG.


More information:

Göran Hult, spokesperson for nuclear operations in Sweden, tel: +46 8 671 8286

Sasu Valkamo, Vice President, Co-owned nuclear & thermal, Fortum Power Division tel: +358 10 4532 232