Safety on a good level at Loviisa power plant

Fortum has today, 15 December 2011, submitted the requested additional assessments,  based on the safety assessment carried out in spring, to the Radiation and Safety Authority Finland (STUK). According to the assessments, safety is on a good level at the Loviisa power plant. 

The additional assessments have identified the potential for further safety improvements at the plant, and it has been decided to continue to study these issues. Some of the development targets identified are related to the issues that were raised earlier, like the planning of air-cooled heat exchange towers independent from the seawater, and the assessment of the risk caused by high seawater levels.

Based on the further assessment, the development targets to be selected later can be implemented within the framework of the Loviisa power plant’s annual investment programmes, and they will not affect the plant’s availability.

Additional information: Peter Tuominen, tel. +358 (0)10 45 20887

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