Safety assessments in Finland

In March 2011, in the wake of the nuclear power plant accident in Japan, Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy requested the Radiation and Safety Authority Finland (STUK) to carry out an assessment of safety at nuclear power plants in case of a loss of power supply and in case of exceptional weather and environmental conditions. According to STUK’s assessment, no new risks or deficiencies that would require immediate safety improvements were identified in Finnish nuclear power plants. In December 2011, Fortum submitted to STUK the further analyses that were requested on the basis of the safety assessment. Based on the specific safety assessments, safety at the Loviisa power plant has been found to be at a good level also in the safety areas now assessed.

Also the European Council decided to implement a Europe-wide re-assessment of safety at nuclear power plants. In October 2011, Fortum submitted to STUK a final report regarding the nuclear power plant safety assessments, i.e. the so-called stress tests, within the EU. The stress test carried out for the Loviisa power plant did not introduce any specific new issues that weren’t identified in the safety assessment conducted in spring and submitted to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The assessment also addresses preparedness for serious accidents. The safety assessment notes that the design basis of the Loviisa power plant is right and the existing solutions and safety margins are sufficient. In Sweden, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has implemented corresponding assessments.

Year 2011:

11 March
  Fukushima nuclear power plant accident

14 March  Ministry of Employment and the Economy requested STUK Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority to assess Finnish nuclear power plants’ preparedness for external threats

15 April Fortum’s response to STUK

16 May  STUK submitted the assessment required by MEE to the Ministry

24 May  Decision on safety assessments at the EU level

1 June  Safety assessments started by national decisions

4 August  STUK called for additional assessments from Fortum on the basis of the MEE assessment

15 August Fortum’s progress report

15 September Authorities’ progress report

31 October Fortum submitted the final report of the EU-level safety assessment to STUK

15 December  Fortum submitted the additional assessments required by STUK

30 December National report about EU-level assessments was completed

Year 2012: 

From January to April
, an international peer assessment

In June, the Commission’s report to the Council of the European Union

In July the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) communicated to nuclear power companies its decision about the things requiring further measures to improve safety at the power plants.

4 October The European Commission published its final report (Communication) on the nuclear stress tests

16 October Fortum's statement to the European Commission on the nuclear stress tests