Solar power plant

Solar power

Bright energy source of the future
Fortum believes that solar power will be one of the most important energy production forms in the future energy system - Solar Economy.
Solar energy has a lot of potential: the total amount of solar energy incident on the surface of the earth is 800 million TWh per year. That is about 5,000 times the annual global primary energy demand. In other words, in less than 2 hours the earth receives the amount of energy we consume annually.

Small environmental impact

As a CO2-free and renewable production form, the environmental impacts of solar power are smaller than those of most other production forms. They are mainly related to the production and supply of the special materials and metals required in the production of solar panels. Secondary environmental impacts stem from the selection of the site and the distribution of the produced electricity. Water is used to clean the solar panels at our production sites in India. Although the amounts used are small, we are investigating alternate sources for water and for cleaning the panels.

Increasing solar power a target

One of Fortum's strategic goals is to grow in considerably in solar power. Solar power technologies are maturing and their subsidy schemes are being gradually phased out. Consequently, there is a clear need for utility competencies such as experience and expertise in operating on the power market and the energy system, also in solar power production.