The environmental impact of wind power

Wind power is emission-free, renewable energy which does not cause any direct emissions into the air, water, or soil. The environmental impact of carbon-free wind power production is almost entirely related to the construction of power plant parts, infrastructure and the necessary electrical network. During electricity production, potential environmental impacts are related to night time warning lights of wind farms and by some noise and visual disturbance to the neighbouring areas. Revolving rotors may also cause disruptive shadows and potentially pose a hazard to birds and bats. In wintertime ice falling from the rotors can under some circumstances pose a danger for the immediate vicinity.

Wind power built in or beside the sea may have an impact on the neighborhood, fishing and subaquatic wildlife. Noise created by the construction and production of wind power carries a long distance underwater, and may disturb subaquatic life. Potential positive impacts to aquatic life include the park acting as a safe haven or nursery for marine life as fishing is restricted in marine wind power parks.​