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    • Nordenergi is collaboration between the Nordic electricity industry associations.
    • Norwegian Electricity Industry Association
      Trade organization for about 99 % of the power production generators, suppliers, distributors and contractors in Norway.
    • Danish Energy Association
      An industry association for associations and groups of energy companies in Denmark.
    • Finnish Energy Industries
      Finnish Energy Industries publications that you can print.
      Finnish energy industries (ET), is one of the most important branch organizations, which opinions are of great value in national and international policymaking and in the public debate.
    • Swedish Energy
      Swedenergy is a non-profit industry organization representing companies involved in the production, distribution and trading of electricity in Sweden.
    • VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland
      VTT is an impartial expert organisation. Its objective is to develop new technologies, create new innovations and value added thus increasing customer's competitiveness. VTT's knowledge of energy systems and markets as well as climate change mitigation, combined with a toolkit of models and methodological expertise, forms a strong knowledge base to evaluate research.
    • Finnish ministry responsible on energy issues (publications)

Nordic research on Nordic power markets

    • Swedish Energy Agency - Nordic research on Nordic power markets
    • Nordic Energy Perspectives - Nordic Energy Perspectives (NEP) is an interdisciplinary Nordic energy research project with the overall goal of demonstrating means for stronger and sustainable growth and development in the Nordic countries.

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