Fortum joins the UN Global Compact initiative

Fortum Corporation
Press release
5 July 2010

Fortum joins the UN Global Compact initiative

Fortum has signed the United Nations Global Compact initiative and become a
registered member as of 30 June 2010. Joining the framework strengthens Fortum's
commitment to responsible business practices.

“Sustainability is a fundamental part of Fortum's strategy and vision, and we
believe that it is one of the success factors of our business. Our aim is
profitable growth through responsible means. I believe that promoting the
principles of the Global Compact initiative will support our strategy
particularly in non-EU countries. It will also provide us with new tools to
develop our activities,” says Tapio Kuula, President and CEO, Fortum

Global Compact is the world's largest corporate citizenship and sustainability
initiative. It was initiated by the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in
2000. Over 5,000 companies from 135 countries have joined the initiative.
Companies that have signed the Global Compact initiative are committed to
voluntarily respecting human rights, upholding labour standards, supporting
environmental protection and working against corruption in their business.

Fortum's values and operating principles are in line with the Ten Principles of
Global Compact. By signing the Global Compact initiative and publicly
supporting it Fortum wants to emphasise the importance of responsible business
throughout the whole value chain of energy production.

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