New sustainability targets for Fortum´s car fleet

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New sustainability targets for Fortum´s car fleet

Fortum has decided on new stricter targets for its car fleet. As of April 1st
2009, the CO2 emission limit for Fortum's company benefit cars is lowered from
200 g/km to 180 g/km. The aim is to reduce the limit further to reach the level
of 150 g/km in 2012.

Particle filters become obligatory for all new diesel cars in the fleet. Each
company car driver is also obliged to participate in Ecodriving training. The
car manufacturers of the makes available to Fortum are also required a long term
commitment to sustainability.

During the next few years Fortum's aim is to introduce a significant number of
plug-in hybrid and electric cars into the car fleet. Electrifying the road
transport is a growing sustainability-driven global trend and Fortum is
determined to be an enabler of a smooth transition.

Two pilot projects are currently ongoing in Stockholm, Sweden and Espoo, Finland
aiming at finding smart and efficient recharging solutions. They are needed to
enable a rapid penetration of plug-in vehicles when car manufacturers bring them
to the mass market in 2010-12.

Already in 2007, as one of the first companies in the Nordic area, Fortum
decided on a CO2-emission limit for company benefit cars. The limit was a
maximum value and, in accordance with Fortum's sustainability policy, employees
have been encouraged to select the most low-emitting cars. As a result, the
average emission from the company car fleet has gone down by 15 g/km in two

Fortum's vision is to excel in sustainability and ultimately become a CO2-free
power and heat company. The new sustainability targets complement Fortum's
various activities to reduce its carbon footprint. Fortum has set strict targets
for its CO2 emissions from electricity and heat production in Europe. Other
targets include reducing CO2 emissions from air travel by 10% and offsetting the
carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the remaining air travel. Several
actions relate to saving energy and greening the offices.

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