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On a global level, we are mainly active in the social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, blog and Youtube. More information available below.


Fortum on Twitter Twitter

We use Twitter to listen and engage with people and the industry and to create conversations around topical themes related to us. Our tweets include company news and press releases, event coverage and third-party industry articles that feature our company. These messages are naturally shorter and less formal.

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We are active on LinkedIn to give the online professional community insight into what Fortum is all about, what it is like to work for us and what types of opportunities are available. We provide a global perspective on our business and keep people up-to-date on the advances in the energy sector.

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Fortum ForEnergy blog   Fortum ForEnergy blog

ForEnergy blog discusses themes topical to our industry and the society. Writers include our top management and experts. We look forward to comments and discussion!

Welcome to the sources of energy!


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We use Fortum video portal and Youtube to share films about our achievements, projects and people, promoted on our websites and the above mentioned channels.

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