Comments and position papers

Energy issues are becoming increasingly significant in our society: climate change, security of supply and the price of electricity are already a part of the mainstream dialogue. We participate in the public dialogue and regularly publish position papers on key issues in this section.


04/15/2014 New state aid guidelines take energy support systems slowly in a more market-driven direction

03/19/2014 CEOs of the largest energy companies call for government and state heads to implement immediate and drastic measures to safeguard Europe’s energy future

01/22/2014 Fortum's response to the consultation on the draft energy and climate state aid guideline

12/20/2013 Fortum supports the European Commission's efforts to clarify rules on State Aid in the energy and environmental field

11/11/2013 Energy companies: The 2030 climate and energy framework should be based on a single greenhouse gas target

11/05/2013 European energy market at crossroads - Commission's guidance package on renewable energy subsidy schemes and capacity mechanisms

10/24/2013 Letter from 53 companies to EU Commission to bring forward draft legislation for ETS structural reform

07/01/2013 Energy companies support reforming emissions trading

06/19/2013 The Nordic energy industry calls for support for a compromise solution on backloading

05/28/2013 Fortum comments on the EU environment and energy State aid guideline review

05/27/2013 Europe needs simple, clear and consistent energy and climate policies to support the competitiveness of its economy

05/23/2013 Europe needs a functioning internal energy market

03/27/2013 EU 2030 energy and climate policy framework: Commission Green Paper

03/21/2013 Fortum's Tapio Kuula on the Finnish Government's State spending limit discussions: Corporate tax cut supports investments

02/26/2013 Fortum's response to the EU Consultation on structural options to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading System

01/07/2013 Our response to the Commission consultation on capacity mechanisms development

11/29/2012 Finland must pursue growth – a windfall tax would be a disservice

06/29/2012 The future of the EU ETS - Fortum's position

06/11/2012 Fortum views on the Commission’s Renewable Energy Communication

06/11/2012 Fortum views on EU post-2020 target setting and decarbonisation

12/22/2011 Fortum highlights the need to develop a common Nordic retail electricity market

12/07/2011 Fortum on EU Comission's proposal for research and innovation programme Horizon 2020

09/06/2011 Fortum's comment on the energy efficiency directive

06/20/2011 Fortum on the new Finnish Government´s Programme

06/14/2011 Fortum supports Eurelectric's statement on pan-European energy goals

04/19/2011 Fortum welcomes the new Vision of European Electricity Markets in 2030 

03/22/2011 Fortum's view on smart grids 

06/23/2010 Fortum's response to the Commission consultation on the new energy strategy for Europe 2011-2020


Position papers

04/17/2014 Fortum's position paper on EU Commissions public consultation on retail energy market

11/18/2013 European policymakers are getting ready to discuss the EU's climate policy for 2030 and the reform of the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) − Fortum's position on climate policy

11/11/2013 A strong framework on nuclear liability and high level of nuclear safety essential in Europe — Fortum's position paper on strengthening the international nuclear liability

09/24/2013 Emission Allowance Supply Management in the EU ETS

12/07/2012 Position on small-scale distributed electricity generation 

10/02/2012 Position on district heating and cooling contribution to sustainable developments

12/20/2011 Sustainability of bioenergy

12/14/2010 An integrated European electricity market

11/01/2010 Waste-to-energy applications

11/01/2010 An integrated Nordic retail market for electricity