Fortum's commentary on the EU's energy dependency and security of supply

Recent political events have brought the EU's energy dependency and security of supply in the centre of the political discussion.

​It is a topic that needs to be properly built into the EU's 2030 energy and climate policy framework.

The EU Commission is currently preparing a study on the EU's energy dependency and a plan on measures and actions to reduce that dependency. Fortum wants to contribute to that work with the following remarks:

• A fully integrated internal energy market is the most effective way to improve the EU's internal security of supply
• A strong climate policy with a single target for CO2 reduction works for the benefit of the EU's security of supply
• Barriers to energy-efficient activities must be removed and market-based practices introduced
• Improving cooperation with non-EU countries works towards integrating the European energy markets with neighbouring countries

Read Fortum's full commentary from the link below