Fortum position paper on strengthening the international nuclear liability

A strong framework on nuclear liability and high level of nuclear safety essential in Europe.

​The European Commission organised a public consultation on nuclear liability for various nuclear power actors in autumn 2013. Nuclear liability is regulated by international treaties, The Paris Convention and the Vienna Convention being the most significant.

Some EU member states are contracting parties to the Paris Convention, while others have acceded to the Vienna Convention. Moreover, there are also Member States which have not ratified either of the two Conventions. The European Commission has inquired opinions of different actors in a public consultation on the need to develop a common European approach on nuclear liability.

Fortum is a strong supporter of maintaining a high level of nuclear safety in the EU and attaches also utmost importance to the reinforcement of the nuclear liability regime in Europe. Fortum foresees that to strengthen the international framework on nuclear liability, the EU member states as well as other countries should join one of the two Conventions and ratify the Joint protocol that establishes a linkage between the two main liability systems under international law. Also Euratom acceding to the relevant international nuclear liability conventions could add value.