Sustainable use of bioenergy

The key opinions and actions in the sustainable utilisation of bioenergy at Fortum are presented below in the position paper. The guidelines contribute to Fortum’s Sustainability Policy, Environmental Guiding Principles and Purchasing Guidelines with a focus on the responsible use of natural resources and the responsible management of fuel sourcing and supplies.

- The use of bioenergy shall be sustainable and traceable.
- Sustainability criteria should apply to the origin of all bioenergy.
- Sustainability criteria are needed for solid biomass, too.
- Sustainability criteria should be legally binding.
- The target should be global sustainability criteria, but, at minimun, common EU reguirements.
- Sustainable forest management and generally recognised agricultural practices establish the basis for the sustainable production of biomass.

Read more about Fortum’s actions to improve the traceability and sustainability of bioenergy. See the link below.