A successful production year 2014 at Fortum's Loviisa nuclear power plant

PRESS RELEASE 2 January 2015

Production at Fortum's Loviisa nuclear power plant went smoothly in 2014. A
total of 7.88 terawatt hours of power was generated, corresponding to about 12
percent of total energy generation in Finland. The load factor of Loviisa
nuclear power plant was 90.9% with Loviisa 1's load factor 92.5% and 89.3% at
Loviisa 2. On an international scale, the load factor was among the best in
pressurised water power plants.

Unit 1 of the power plant underwent a so-called short annual outage in 2014,
and Unit 2 had a wider inspection outage, performed every 4 years. Unit 1 was
thus out of production for 21 days and Unit 2 for 35 days. In addition to the
inspections, several projects were carried out on Unit 2, involving
improvements of safety and availability.

Several sizable investment and modernisation projects will be carried out at
Loviisa nuclear power plant during the years 2015 to 2018. They aim at securing
safe, reliable and profitable energy generation for the duration of the present
operation permits, i.e. until 2027 and 2030. One of the most significant
projects is the automation renewal, renegotiated and continued with a new
partner, Rolls-Royce as of May 2014. The target is to finish the project by the
end of the year 2018.

Of the investments in improved safety of the plant, the new air-cooled cooling
systems were the most visible project. The ongoing installment of the new
cooling towers is aimed at securing the plant's decay heat removal in highly
extreme conditions where the plant's normal seawater cooling for some reason
became unavailable. The system will be finalised during 2015.

In 2013, Fortum invested in total of EUR 60 million in Loviisa. The investments
for 2014 have been higher than this.

Other major renewals in the past year were the modernisation of the pressure
control system of the reactor coolant circuit and relief valve, renewal of the
main transformers and generator circuit breakers, and the installations and
implementation of the new weather observation system.

Loviisa nuclear power plant is a major employer in the region, providing work
for over 500 Fortum employees and approximately 100 contractor employees.
Moreover, a total of 930 contractor employees, 80% of which were domestic,
participated in the annual outages and projects carried out during the outages.

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