In the annual refuelling outage of the Loviisa power plant, both of the units will undergo a so-called short reloading outage this year. Unit 1 will be shut down on Saturday, 11 August, and Unit 2 in early September, after the start-up of Unit 1. During the annual outage, a third of the fuel will be replaced in both units. This year, the first larger quantity of fuel assemblies, manufactured by a British company, will be loaded for production. According to plans, half of the fuel will come from a British and half from a Russian company over a period of five years.


In addition to reloading, also inspection and maintenance tasks will be carried out at the power plant. Along with the permanent staff of the Loviisa power plant, about 850 experts in maintenance and inspection from almost 90 different companies throughout Finland will take part in the annual refuelling outage. The costs of this year’s refuelling outage will be close to EUR 8 million (almost FIM 50 million). According to plans, the annual refuelling outage of both units will be over at the turn of September-October.


Fortum Corporation


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