Another climate benign year for Fortum

Fortum Corporation
Press release
6 March 2009

Fortum's environmental key figures in 2008

- Fortum's specific CO2 emissions among the lowest of European power generators.
- 92% of the electricity generated by Fortum in the EU and 75% of total
electricity generation was free of CO2 emissions.
- Renewables accounted for 46% of Fortum's European electricity generation.
- Fortum is the leading seller of eco-labelled electricity in the Nordic
- Ambitious EHS-plan launched in TGC-10.

In 2008, 92% of the electricity generated by Fortum in the EU countries was free
of carbon dioxide emissions (89% in 2007). The share of CO2-free electricity in
Fortum's total production, including Russian subsidiary TGC-10, was 75%.
Renewable energy sources accounted for 46% (40%) of Fortum's electricity
generation and 34% (34%) of heat generation within the EU countries.

The specific CO2 emission of the company's total electricity generation,
including TGC-10, was 134 g/kWh. In the EU area, the specific CO2 emission was
at a level of 41 g/kWh (64 g/kWh), which is among the lowest of the major
European power companies. As a comparison, the average specific emission of
major European power generators has been close to 400 g/kWh during recent years.

Fortum has launched an ambitious EHS-plan (environment, health and safety) in
TGC-10 in order to bring the company's performance closer to the level of
Fortum's other operations. The EHS plan includes several concrete measures to
reduce TGC-10's CO2, sulphur and particle emissions. In the long run, existing
old power plants will be replaced with new ones with better energy efficiency.
Optimising CHP- and heat-only production also offer significant savings

Furthermore, Fortum will study the feasibility of replacing some coal use with
biomass or waste-derived fuels in TGC-10. Planning and preparation for a carbon
capture and storage (CCS) testing facility will be started as TGC-10's
geographical location close to major Russian oil and gas fields makes CCS a very
attractive future option.

Today ISO 14001 environmental certificates cover approximately 97% (96%) of
Fortum's business volume in Europe. According to the EHS action plan, also
TGC-10 will be ISO 14001 certified by end 2012.

Fortum was the leading seller of eco-labelled electricity in the Nordic
countries also in 2008. Over 60% of Fortum's customers, altogether 700,000, buy
eco-labelled electricity in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Fortum received several significant recognitions for its sustainability
performance in 2008. For the sixth year in a row, the company secured its place
on the global Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. This year, Fortum was also
included in the Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index. Furthermore, Fortum was
included for the second consecutive time in the Climate Disclosure Leadership
Index, and is included on Storebrand's global “Best in Class” list as the most
responsible energy company.

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Fortum publishes its environmental key figures annually. Further information can
be found at and Fortum's annual report.