The arbitral tribunal appointed at Fortum’s request to review the redemption right of, and the redemption price offered to, Neste’s minority shareholders declared in its session held on 21 August 1998 that Fortum Corporation’s redemption right is not in dispute and that Fortum is entitled to obtain title to Neste’s minority shares by placing an acceptable security on 28 August 1998 for the payment of the redemption price. The arbitral tribunal approved the security offered by Fortum.


By virtue of the Companies Act, Fortum shall acquire ownership of Neste’s minority shares upon placement of the security approved by the arbitral tribunal. Fortum will place the required security on 28 August 1998, whereupon its ownership of Neste will rise to one hundred per cent. According to information available on 21 August 1998, Fortum’s share of Neste was approximately 99.9 per cent. The Board of Directors of Neste has on 21 August 1998 decided to submit an application to the Helsinki Exchanges for the removal of Neste share from listing.


The arbitral award confirming the redemption price of Neste’s minority shares may already be issued within the first half of the month of September. Fortum has requested that the arbitral tribunal confirm the redemption price of FIM 168.10 per share. This is the same price as the one applied in the redemption offer carried out during the period of 30 April - 1 June 1998.




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