CO2 capture system to be developed for Meri-Pori power plant in Finland

Fortum and Teollisuuden Voima have launched a project at the Meri-Pori power plant in Finland to develop a CO2 capture system. The analysis of alternative technologies will take place during 2008 and planning how the chosen technology can be adopted in the plant’s power production may commence in the beginning of 2009. The objective is to make an investment decision in 2011 and thus have the system operational in Meri-Pori in 2015.


Completed in 1993, the Meri-Pori condensing power plant generates power using coal as the fuel source. Its power generating capacity is 565 megawatts of which Fortum’s share is 55% and Teollisuuden Voima’s 45%.


”Meri-Pori is well-suited for CO2 capture as it is a large plant that uses modern technology. This is an important step for Fortum since we are committed to keeping our emissions at the level of the best European companies. Already more than 80% of our electricity production is carbon dioxide-free. In our opinion, mitigating climate change requires that all coal-fired power plants are equipped with CO2 capture systems in the future. With this project, we are a forerunner”, says Matti Ruotsala, President of Power Generation business unit at Fortum.


“Teollisuuden Voima produces 14.5 terawatt-hours of CO2-free electricity at its Olkiluoto nuclear power plant annually. This equals to approximately 15% of Finland’s electricity consumption. As a minority owner of Meri-Pori, this carbon capture project is in line with Teollisuuden Voima’s long-term targets,” says Pertti Simola, President and CEO of Teollisuuden Voima.


After CO2 is captured it will be transported for storage. Due to lack of suitable storage locations in Finland, the CO2 from Meri-Pori will be shipped abroad for storage.


Fortum is testing CO2 capture also at its Värtan CHP power plant in Stockholm, Sweden. The demonstration started in 2007 and involves a new technology that has produced promising results. Fortum will continue the demonstration in order to explore its suitability for large-scale use.


In the coming few days, the EU Commission will give its legislative proposal regarding CO2 capture and storage (CCS) containing especially storage related requirements. Moreover, EU is about to start a programme to support CCS demonstration projects in Europe. More than 80% of world’s energy production will be based on fossil fuels in the coming decades. Therefore, CCS will become internationally a significant technology.


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