Ensto and Fortum developed a new recharging point for electric cars

Fortum Corporation
Press release
29 September 2009

Ensto and Fortum developed a new recharging point for electric cars

Ensto and Fortum have worked together to develop a new type of recharging point
for electric vehicles. Ensto hopes to export the product to the growing electric
vehicle markets. Usability and safety were priorities in the development of the
recharging point.

Car manufacturers have accelerated the development of electric cars and will
introduce new models of rechargeable cars in the upcoming years. Electrification
of road traffic also requires a functional recharging network: In the Nordic
countries, electric cars can be recharged at home from the ordinary outlets
intended for engine block heaters, but recharging points must also be installed
in public places. To meet this need, Ensto and Fortum have partnered to develop
a new type of recharging point.

The fundamental design attributes for the recharging point were safety, ease of
use, ease of installation in different areas, and the ability to modify
functions. For instance, if necessary, a GSM pay-by-cell-phone technology
function can be integrated into the recharging post, which can also be
integrated with a parking meter function. The recharging post is just as easy
for customers to use as traditional engine block heater outlets. In addition, it
offers improved operating safety.

”Sustainability is a priority for both Ensto and Fortum, and that is why we
wanted to work together to advance the development of the electric vehicle
recharging network. Fortum's position as a frontrunner and an expert in the area
of electric motoring has been important in the development of the new recharging
point. The cooperation has resulted in a distinct, good-looking, easy-to-use
recharging point that is also easy to modify. Ensto aims to export the product
also to the growing international markets for electric vehicles”, says
Technology Manager Matti Rae from Ensto.

New recharging posts to Espoo first

The Kaupinkallio parking garage in the Tapiola area of Espoo, Finland, will be
the first to receive the new type of recharging posts developed by Fortum and
Ensto. The plan is to have the posts up and running by the end of November of
this year.

”In 2008 Fortum launched a Nordic electric car project that is developing the
recharging network for electric vehicles in Espoo and Stockholm, among other
places. We are testing various technologies for electric vehicles and recharging
solutions in the project as well as the infrastructure they require. The aim is
to take the experiences gained in the introduction of the new posts that we
developed with Ensto and use them also in the design of a more extensive
recharging network”, says Account Manager Juha Matikainen from Fortum.

The term electric car refers to a plug-in hybrid or a full-electric vehicle that
is recharged directly from the grid. If an electric car is recharged with
electricity generated from renewable energy sources, driving does not cause any
carbon dioxide emissions.

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Additional information:
Juha Matikainen, Account Manager, Fortum, +358 50 455 7219
Matti Rae, Technology Manager, Ensto, tel. +365 40 503 5792

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