Fortum’s future business structure

Fortum has specified the ranges of its core businesses and has defined areas in which profitable growth can be developed. As a result, the tasks of the different sectors and performance units have been reorganised as follows:


In addition to the earlier four sectors, we will establish a fifth sector, Fortum Markets, which will focus on the Nordic markets. Fortum Markets will develop products and services for the needs of household customers, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry, either on its own or together with possible partners. The objective is to expand the customer base in the Nordic countries. Fortum’s Energy House has previously been responsible for these services.


The operation of the new sector is aimed to be started on 1 April 2001. Kari Huopalahti has been appointed head of the sector.


The business operations of the present Service sector, which is specialised in power plant operation and maintenance, will be expanded. The entire Service sector as well as Emerging Markets and Technology from the Power and Heat sector will transfer into the new Fortum Energy Solutions (FES) sector. The operations of the Fortum Energy Solutions sector will be based on Fortum’s own expertise in the development, investment and productions stages of energy projects. It will have operations in Europe and South-East Asia in close co-operation with Power Plant Engineering.


The changes will take effect on 1 March 2001. Pekka Päätiläinen has been appointed head of the sector.


Due to reorganisation, the number of performance units will be 27 as of 1 March 2001.



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