Fortum's production among the most climate-benign in Europe

Environmental key figures in 2006

  • 84% of the electricity generated by Fortum was free of carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Renewables accounted for 40% of Fortum's electricity generation and 43% of heat generation.

  • The total use of biomass rose by 22%.

  • Fortum Markets is the leading seller of eco-labelled electricity in the Nordic countries.

  • Environmental certificates cover 95% of Fortum's business volume.


Carbon dioxide emissions from Fortum's total electricity generation (107 g/kWh) are among the lowest of the major European power companies and clearly below Fortum's target values. Fortum has set target values for its carbon exposure: an annual target of 200g/kWh or under and a five-year average target of 120 g/kWh or under. However, carbon dioxide emissions in 2006 were somewhat higher than in 2005. The increase was due to higher coal condensing volumes caused by a weakened hydrological situation and unplanned shut-downs in the Swedish Forsmark and Oskarshamn nuclear power plants. Due to the same reason, also sulphur dioxide emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions increased from the previous year.


The majority of the electricity generated by Fortum is free of carbon dioxide emissions, and approximately 40% of electricity and heat generation is based on renewables. The use of biomass rose significantly in 2006, by 22% to 9.1 TWh and represents 21% of Fortum's non-nuclear fuel use. The use of waste-derived fuels rose by 6% to 1.6 TWh and represents 3.7% of Fortum's non-nuclear fuel use.


In 2006, Fortum Markets was the biggest seller of eco-labelled electricity in the Nordic countries. In Finland and Sweden, all customers who have a current-priced contract receive eco-labelled electricity. This means that over 60% of Fortum Markets' customers, altogether 700,000 customers, buy eco-labelled electricity. In addition, a part of Fortum's heat generation also carries an eco-label.


Today, ISO 14001 environmental certificates cover approximately 95% of Fortum's business volume. In addition to ISO 14001, some business units have also certified their management systems in accordance with ISO 9001/9002 quality certificates and OHSAS 18001 safety certificates. In 2006, new certificates were granted to nine Fortum business units.


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Fortum publishes its environmental key figures annually. Further information can be found at and Fortum's annual report