Fortum's website awarded

Fortum's website was ranked the second (2) best of 62 stock-listed Finnish companies in the 2005 Webranking done by Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.


Since 1997, Stockholm based Hallvarsson & Halvarsson has carried out Webrankings that are based on enquiry amongst financial analysts and business journalists. In the 2005 web ranking more than 450 European companies were analysed. The 100 ranking criteria examined technology, layout, navigability, accessibility, interactivity, search engines, visibility, links, updates, languages and content. The key areas were updates, languages and content, which comprise more than 50 percent of the report.


During the past years Fortum has ambitiously aimed at improving its web visitors' experience. The work has focused on usability, interactivity, content and new features, such as text size adjustability and improved news services.


- We are pleased to see that the hard work has been assessed and rated so well. The competition is hard, there are many very good corporate websites around, says Viveka Leksell, Vice President New Media.


Fortum Corporation

Corporate Communications


More information: Viveka Leksell,

Vice President, New Media, tel. +46 70 66 16 986