Fortum and Espoo engage in a new kind of collaboration

Fortum and the City of Espoo have agreed on the launch of long-term co-operation to make the living environment more enjoyable for Espoo residents. The main focus of the co-operation is to make public areas safer and more enjoyable by improving lighting as well as cultural events aimed for families.


The first target for improved lighting is the WeeGee exhibition and event centre in Tapiola. The building and its grounds will be illuminated for the first time in autumn in conjunction with the October 12 opening of WeeGee. Other targets for improved lighting in the upcoming years are already being planned: in autumn 2007, Fortum will participate in illuminating the Tapiola bus terminal.


The cultural co-operation will commence on September 24 in conjunction with the celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of Fortum’s Head Office tower. Fortum is organizing an Open House for Espoo residents in honour of the occasion. Espoo will present a future vision for the Tapiola - Otaniemi - Keilaniemi area. Starting in 2007, the cultural collaboration between Fortum and Espoo will culminate with Poweria!, an outdoor, family concert during the week-long Espoo Festival.


”Fortum’s ties with Espoo have become even stronger and we want to be involved in the development of the area. Improving the lighting is a natural way for us to make a difference in community safety and enjoyment. When public areas like underpassages or secluded walkways are well lit, people are more likely to be more active outdoors also in the dark seasons of the year. Supporting culture through various music events is another important way for us to be part of the community”, says Carola Teir-Lehtinen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications.


”Co-operation offers the City of Espoo new and interesting opportunities to implement projects that affect the cityscape and enjoyability. Moreover, we get an addition to Espoo’s broad cultural offering. Aimed at families, the public concert at the Leppävaara sports park will be the exclamation point to the week-long Espoo Festival built around Espoo Day on August 27. The concert will be an annual event. It will be especially significant in 2008, when the city celebrates its 550th anniversary”, says Espoo Mayor Marketta Kokkonen.


Additional information:                                                                                  

Marketta Kokkonen, Mayor, City of Espoo, tel. +358 9 8162 2211, +358 500 600 742

Carola Teir-Lehtinen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Fortum, tel. +358 50 45 24118

Susanna Serlachius-Pressler, Vice President, Corporate Branding, Fortum, +358 50 452 5226