Fortum and Nissan in cooperation to install 50 quick chargers in the Nordic countries


Fortum and Nissan have signed a co-operation agreement in quick charging on
September 25, 2012. The objective is to create quick charging infrastructure
for electric vehicles in order to make them a viable option for all car

Through the newly established cooperation Nissan and Fortum intend to install
50 quick charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) in strategic and relevant
locations by the main highways in the Nordic countries. This project is one of
the biggest quick charging projects this far in the Nordics. The cooperation’s
first goal is to make it possible for electric car drivers to drive from one
Nordic capital to another: from Copenhagen to Stockholm, from Oslo to Helsinki.

Fortum will be responsible for the system solutions, installation and service
of the quick chargers. Fortum has over ten years’ experience in developing
charging solutions for electric vehicles. Fortum’s "Charge & Drive" is a
solution which is based on an advanced IT system, which monitors the operation
and handles the maintenance of charging stations. Even the payment can be
handled by the system.

“We continue to further develop our offering Charge & Drive, and with our new
partner Nissan, we are taking an important step towards a future electric car
society,” says Johan Ander, head of Fortum’s Charge & Drive business. "The
Charge & Drive system not only makes it easy for those who want to provide
charging for electric cars, but also for electric car drivers who simply want
to charge their electric vehicles."

The development of charging infrastructure is with no doubt one of the key
factors that increase consumers’ interest in electric vehicles as their choice
of transport. By creating these “green corridors” in the Nordic countries,
Nissan and Fortum are making a huge leap forward in making EV’s a compelling
alternative for all car drivers.

“Nissan wants to be the global leader in electric vehicles. Our strategy is
based on a long term holistic approach focused on solutions, not only on our
products. Together with partners like Fortum we want to help develop
environment and infrastructure for electric motoring. The electric revolution
has already started and there is no coming back. The only question is how fast
it will spread and we strongly believe that close cooperation between vehicle
and electric energy producers will greatly accelerate this process,” says
Managing Director Jacek Gorski of Nissan Nordic Europe.

Technical details:
Charging stations will be installed to handle rapid charging of DC and AC,
where a DC load of approximately 50 kW can charge a Nissan LEAF or other
CHAdeMO compliant electric car up to 80% of battery capacity in only 20
minutes. AC charging will have a maximum power of approximately 43 kW. Quick
charger developed by Nissan is based on a patented technological breakthrough
and is CE and TUV certified for all European countries. The new fast chargers
from Nissan make it possible for anyone with a compatible electric car to
extend the reach of much longer journeys.

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Additional information
Johan Ander, Nordic responsible for Charge & Drive, Fortum Oyj, tel. +46 (0)76
104 20 64,
Taina Erkkilä, Communication Director, Nissan Nordic Europe Oy, tel. +358 (0)10
770 53 11,

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