Fortum and Sitra increased their contribution to wave energy technology

PRESS RELEASE 3 September 2012

Fortum and Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund have increased their funding in
the wave energy technology developed by the Finnish company AW-Energy Oy. With
this funding AW-Energy commences the development of the commercial scale
WaveRoller device as well as ensures the completion of operational testing of
the 3 x 100kW demonstration plant recently deployed in Peniche, Portugal.

The WaveRoller is a submerged wave energy converter, based on a hinged panel
that is attached to the sea bed in the near shore area. It generates
electricity from the back and forth movement of the waves (surge phenomenon)
and is connected to the electric grid on the shore. The goal of the development
is to commercialise WaveRoller technology and to increase the production of
wave energy.

The increased funding is a show of confidence in the WaveRoller technology
which is developed and extensively patented by AW-Energy. Fortum and Sitra
started collaborating with AW-Energy in 2008 and wave power is an important
part of Fortum’s R&D work related to sustainable energy solutions.

”Investments in developing renewable energy production, like wave and solar
power, are an important part of our strategy implementation. Sustainability is
at the core of Fortum’s strategy – we believe that energy production in the
future Solar Economy will be based on an efficient energy system and on energy
produced directly or indirectly from the sun," says Per Langer, Executive Vice
President of Fortum, explaining the reasoning behind the decision to continue
financial support.

Apart from AW-Energy, Fortum is also building one of the world's largest wave
power project on the Swedish west coast, and has formed a partnership with
French naval company DCNS to develop and test wave power in France.

"The future belongs to renewable energy and we need innovative technological
approaches, like AW- Energy's WaveRoller. Sustainable energy will play a
crucial role in the future energy market", says Director Sami Tuhkanen from

AW-Energy has also recently received a positive funding decision from TEKES,
the Finnish Funding Agency for Technoloy and Innovation. With combined funding
from TEKES, Fortum and Sitra, AW-Energy has secured 7.3 MEUR to plan and design
next generation commercial scale 500kW WaveRoller device.

”The WaveRoller technology has many advantages such as low visual impact and
relative constant electricity output”, explains John Liljelund, CEO of
AW-Energy. “The collaboration with Fortum, Sitra and Tekes enables AWE further
industrialization of the technology and to follow the development path towards
the pre-commercial projects that are now under negotiations”, he adds.

In addition to Fortum and Sitra, the other owners of AW-Energy are Aura Capital
Oy, John Nurminen Oy, Hytar Oy and a number of private investors.

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Corporate Communications

Additional information:
Esa Suoninen, Manager, Technology Portfolio Development, Fortum, tel. +358 50
453 2070
John Liljelund, CEO, AW-Energy, tel. +358 400 681 061
Sami Tuhkanen, Director, Sitra, tel. + 358 40 548 3482
Elina Kokko, Communications manager, Fortum, tel. +358 40 733 9493

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