Fortum and Skellefteå Kraft will purchase 60 wind turbines from Nordex to Blaiken onshore wind farm

Fortum and the Swedish Skellefteå Kraft will purchase 60 wind turbines from
Nordex for the Blaiken onshore wind farm under construction in Northern Sweden.
Fortum's share of the turbines to be ordered is 12. Blaiken Vind AB, a joint
venture of Fortum and Skellefteå Kraft, will have a maximum of 100 wind
turbines on its wind farm and a total capacity of 250 megawatts.

The 2.5-megawatt wind turbines to be purchased from Nordex will cover a total
of 150 megawatts of the wind farm's planned capacity. The turbines for Blaiken
are designed to operate particularly cold conditions. They are equipped with a
new kind of warming system that prevents ice from forming on the rotor blades
and thus ensures the wind farm's production also during the winter season.

The Blaiken wind farm will be constructed in phases; the intention is for
construction to be complete in 2015. The construction of roads and other
infrastructure in the plant area started this year. The next phase involves
building the foundations for the wind turbines. Nordex starts to deliver the
wind turbines in 2012.

Blaiken will be one of the biggest onshore wind farms in Europe. Its average
annual production of an estimated 700 gigawatt-hours is the equivalent to the
annual electricity consumption of 150,000 households. The total project
investment, when completed will be about EUR 400 million, of which Fortum's
share is 40% and Skellefteå Kraft's 60%.

The German Nordex is one of the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers with
operations in nearly 20 countries.

Fortum Power Division

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