Fortum and TGC-9 signed an agreement on technical audit of power plants in Russia

Russian Territorial Generating Company No 9 and Fortum have signed an agreement on conducting technical audits and preparing proposals for improving the operational efficiency of the power plants of TGC-9.


The agreement between TGC-9 and Fortum was signed within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding, made in October 2005 between RAO UES (Unified Energy System) and KES-holding (IES, Integrated Energy Systems) and Fortum. RAO UES and KES are the main shareholders of TGC-9.


In accordance with the agreement, Fortum experts perform technical audits during 2006 in the power plants owned by TGC-9 in the Perm territory and Sverdlovsk region. The audits include for example elements that define the operational efficiency of the power plants: operation and maintenance, process automation and business parameters (demand, competition, tariffs).


Based on the results of the technical audits, Fortum prepares recommendations aimed at improving the productivity, reliability and economic figures of the generating assets of TGC-9. The recommendations will be used in implementing the development strategy of TGC-9, which includes, e.g., increasing installed capacity (now 3,200 MW) by 800–900 MW by 2010, improving the operational reliability of the power plants, reducing costs, and ensuring long-term competitiveness and growth of capitalization.


The agreement indicates Fortum's wide interest in Russian power and heat markets and is an example of its readiness to offer cutting-edge knowledge of power plant operation to Russian energy companies.


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