Fortum awarded in environmental technology competition

Finnish awards for the European environment competition were distributed in Helsinki.


Fortum’s entry Cleaner air through advanced burner design for large combustion plants participated in the Process category of the competition. The entry received honourable mention and placed among the three best entries in its category.


The European Business Awards for the Environment competition recognises companies with operations that support sustainable development. The awards are given to companies that are pioneers in environmentally friendly operations, products and processes.


The awarded companies also participate in the European Business Awards for the Environment 2006 competition, which is organised by the European Commission’s Environment DG.


Behind Fortum’s competition entry is the long-term development work on low-NOx combustion technology conducted at Fortum Service, which provides operation and maintenance for power plants. Pauli Dernjatin and the combustion team are responsible for the development work in collaboration with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Babcock-Hitachi. The competition entry was drafted by Marja Englund from Fortum Service. Lowering NOx emissions using the combustion technology in question reduces expenses significantly compared to the commonly used catalytic emissions-reduction techniques. The technology can be applied in coal-, peat-, and lignite-fired power plants.



For additional information: Technology Manager Petra Lundström, Fortum Corporation, tel. +358 050 45 35422



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