- We need a Nordic framework for discussing Nordic issues, says Tapio Kuula, responsible for Fortum’s Power and Heat operations, while speaking on Wednesday at a lunch seminar arranged by the industry association Svensk Energi.


Tapio Kuula pointed to how many of the large energy policy issues are no longer national, and how the increasingly integrated Nordic market creates a need for raising central issues about the future above the national perspective.

- This also applies to our ability – as a sector – to find forms for a more joint Nordic action in an international context.

Tapio Kuula clarified how Fortum views the emergence of an increasingly integrated Nordic electricity market, and how this affected the company’s decision to acquire Birka Energi.

As the first in its field, Fortum is implementing a Nordic business model with a shared way of operating and a joint structure for the entire Nordic markets.

Our ambition is to be a pan-Nordic company in the true meaning of the word, said Tapio Kuula while describing the ongoing process of building a new company of old Fortum and Birka.

- Against this background, it is only natural for us to hope for new forms of co-operation between the Nordic business organisations. We also call for an energy debate with the already existing and free Nordic electricity market as a starting point.

The ongoing discussion on issues of capacity was also raised, and Kuula pointed to the efficiency of the Nordic electricity markets and the availability of well-functioning instruments protecting against price fluctuations.



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